How to increase potency in men

The causes of erectile dysfunction are the words, the emotional excess of the load, the unbalanced diet and a sedentary lifestyle. To increase the power, it is not necessary to use powerful medicines, t. to. many of them have a large number of side-effects. There are effective natural ways to enhance male power - running and physical exercise, normal diet, and the use of different approaches to psychological and medical services.

the diet for the erection of the

Diet to increase erection

The quality of the food is essential for the normal functioning of all organs and systems of the body. Today, the problem of the erectile function is facing each and every third man after 40 years of age or older. One of the reasons for this is the violation of the nutrition out of balance.

To improve erections, it is necessary first of all to abandon to the sweet, fatty, and salty. Flour, and sweet foods lead to obesity. Excess weight, develop high blood pressure, and results in hormonal disturbances. The over-consumption of foods that contain a lot of fats, leading to arteriosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. As a result, the deterioration of the blood circulation in the pelvic area, and pararainpalace the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

To improve the overall health of the body, and help you to increase the power output

  • Different varieties of marine fish.
  • Nuts.
  • Olive oil, flax seed oil.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Meat, cooked, lean pieces of chicken or beef.
  • Cereals, and pastas from durum wheat.

To the contrary, from the universal confusion of popular among the men, and a cocktail of beer, with a cream and does not have a significant impact on the power of an erection. And, in the long term it breaks down. This is due to the maintenance of a large number of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol in the cream, and the use of ethanol in the beer, the worsening of the condition of the blood vessels.

Strengthen your erections, help you with such fresh seafood, such as squid, shrimp, mussels. In the composition, are present in the so-called aphrodisiacs, which affects certain parts of the brain and increase the desire for sex. The amplifier is efficient and we do every. The result of an irritation of the urinary tract infections that occur with a rise of tide of blood to the organs in the body.

As you may notice, that it is the "power" in the home, medications, and home remedies


A sedentary lifestyle inevitably leads to the SaaStoinam processes in the pelvic area. Worse, the elasticity of the blood vessels, disrupted the work of the heart muscle and the supply of oxygen to the brain. As a result, the penis fills with blood more slowly, your erection becomes weaker and weaker. To solve the problem of the normalization of the circulation of the blood, and improving the health help you to the physical load.

The effective exercises are:

  • To do the jogging with the usparaorenemy. The man, after a careful exercise and stretching is 7 to 8 points at a distance of about 60 to 100 yards at full speed. The length of the pillow should be enough to get the pulse dropped to 110 beats per minute. As a result of this load, it's a release of testosterone and other anabolic hormones that are beneficial for the strengthening of his sexual orientation. It also happens to improve blood circulation in the groin area, and its faster to get in the erectile tissues of the penis.
  • The back squat. From the starting position (with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands clasped behind the head, the torso falling to the bottom. If the house is a-rod, it is recommended that you place it on top of your shoulders. At the lowest point of the squat, you should take a break for a duration of about 1 second, and dramatically so in some straightening of the back. The number of repetitions must be at least 15 in each of the 3-5 points. For a holiday with them for about 2 minutes. When you are performing this exercise, it is important to keep track of the position of the back. It should always be placed in a straight line.
  • The press. Exercise gives you muscle tone the abdominal muscles and helps to improve neural communication between the brain and sexually to a member. As a result of a strong erection comes on much more quickly, and it is maintained for a long time. The pump of the press, best of the best 4 approaches to a 12 to 14 reps. Important when you perform exercises to feel the reduction in muscle in and take charge, until the status of the "opt out" when the heat is not able to make the next approach.

How to awaken your masculine power?

An additional source for improving the erection, it's a long walk in the fresh air (at least 2 hours a day). How to increase libido in both men and in the house, medicines, diet, remedies, popular Treatment of the popular forms of. To increase the power in the house, without any medication, it is recommended to be applied to a wide variety of recipes for soups and stews and in herbal tea and medicinal properties of the herbs.

With the increase of the erection, and stimulate the following compositions:

  • Juice of a grass of a st. john's. Thanks to a mixture of plants with a very large number of minerals, bioflavonoids, and other nutrients, it has a positive effect on the working of the male sexual organ. The soup cooked in the following way: to 100 g of a tablespoon of the herb st. john's brewt 0, 5 liters of boiling water, and let it ferment for about 2 hours. After that, the composition is filtered through a cheesecloth and use to a 100-ml one hour before you eat.
  • The tincture of Aloe. Prepared by mixing 50 grams of aloe vera juice, 200 grams of honey and 300 g / l of wine. To insist on the composition, is recommended for at least 1 week, after which they can be taken through 20 to 30 mg prior to every meal. The treatment of the dye with Aloe vera last approximately 1 month.
  • A decoction of the root calamus. In order to prepare a composition of therapeutic, you should take over a medicinal plant (the root) in the amount of 15 g, and grind it in a blender and bring to a boil in 1 cup of boiling water. After about 2 hours of the infusion, and filter through cheesecloth, and make about 30 to 40 ml prior to use in food products.

Many of the medical fees and can be purchased at the finished product in the form of a prescription. To increase the power of the masculine and garlic. It can be consumed in raw form, along with the food, or put an air bubble in dyeing.

the power of the psychologist

Psychoparathe Orrparaciya

The state of mind of the men to have a major impact on the quality and duration of your erection. It was found that in 8 out of every 10 cases of the disease, the impotence is related to psychological problems.

The most popular psychological practices are as follows:

  • The training is recommended. The method is based on a suggestion of a positive facility. For this reason, a man hedistetXia, sitting in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and begin to settle in on a saddle, showing the positive results. For the duration of the auto-suggestion that it should last for about 15 to 20 minutes. This should be enough to get rid of the anxiety, and feelings of anxiety.
  • In the meditation. This has a positive effect on sexual function. The result will be the ability to control your emotions, focus on the basics of a subject. For the meditation, it is advisable to go to a quiet, a solitary place. Sit (by, for example, in the lotus position), with the inclusion of a soft music, close your eyes and try to free yourself from all thoughts. By focusing on the tunes, get to make the deep slow breaths in and out. After you have the 5 minutes to do the job you need to spend a half-hour walk, and then repeat with a breathing exercise.

In the pouring of cold water

To solve the problems with men's health and help of a shower of sensations.

For this reason, you need to:

  1. The house of mark, a hot bath, and lie there for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Carefully clean under the hot shower.
  3. Mark it with a bowl of cold water and pour it over them.
  4. Wipe the body off with a towel.

As a result of the large temperature changes in the body happen that an activation of the immune mechanisms, to improve the elasticity of the blood vessels and the circulation of the blood, increasing the level of antIPtrossovich of the hormone. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is the abuse of a spill could lead to an opposite effect because there is to much of a stress to the body. Therefore, it is recommended that the procedure no more than 1 time per 5-7 days.

The second option is for the leak-it's the falling in itself is a bucket of cold water immediately after a shower or in a sauna. In this case, you will need to think about the state of health, age, and physical condition.


The procedure makes it possible not only to get rid of the processes of stagnation in the region of the groin, but it is to normalize the emotional sphere, the escape from feelings, and fears.

the massage of the prostate gland

The massage of the prostate gland

The most effective options for handling it to increase the potency, men are to:

  • The massage of the prostate gland. It's made as its own both at home and at the clinic of a qualified health professional. To perform this procedure, you must use a glove, sterile, and make an easy massaging of the prostate gland with the index finger, is inserted into the rectum.
  • The erotic one. The procedure is carried out with the help of your sexual partner prior to sexual intercourse. This type of massage allows the man to receive it in a powerful discharge, and psychological.

By using the same name to methods for enhancing erectile function after 2-3 weeks, you will notice the first results. However, it should be borne in mind that all efforts must be made to raise the men of the force may not be effective during the implementation phase of the impotent, and, therefore, at the first sign of a violation of erectile function best at first to consult with your doctor. In order to prevent problems with the other, and the power, it is recommended to them from a young age to lead a sedentary lifestyle, not drinking alcohol, and smoking, and to adhere to a healthy diet.