How to increase potency in men, natural ways to

Almost all of the men in the modern age, the age at which he passed the mark of forty years ago, a serious desire to learn about how to improve the potency in men in a natural way. To solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in men, and in the course of, usually, the drug is not only traditional, but also alternative medicine. And physical activity, and changes in the family system from the power supply.

how to improve the power

The ways to estimate the quality of the power

The loss of male power, seriously, is to make sure the man is quite a challenge, even with the unit on the depression. But if you notice the symptoms in time, and in a timely manner for the start of the treatment, then there is a good chance you will be able to come in and out of the ordinary. All you need is a little change in life-style. To make these adjustments, which are, however, it will only benefit your sex life.

What you need to pay attention to:

  • The sexual attraction for a sexual partner at a time, and if there is a desire, but no erection, this may be related to the strong, tired, mood, or psychology;
  • The recovery time of the establishment – the less, the better the power;
  • The quality of the ejaculation, the sexual act must end in orgasm and the ejaculation;
  • The level of the erection – during sexual excitement, and the member must be increased in length and thickness, it is becoming more and more stable. And these settings need to be maintained in the onset of sexual intercourse up until the very end. If the penis shrinks in earlier, you can either directly indicate a violation of erectile function. Check it easily with the help of an o-ring out of the paper. It has no place in penis enlargement. If the power is there all right, " the paper is torn.

Recently, more and more often in violation of the power installed in the male, whose age has not yet reached the age of forty. But there are explanations from the government of easy. This, and other bad habits, and regular stress, sedentary work, and promiscuous, that sex.

Most professional to diagnose any problems with the power, it is able to just see a urologist. To this end, the cock is introduced to the special liquid oxygen, which can cause an erection for up to fifteen minutes. The medical records of the percentage of arousal, the man will only compare those that is caused by the erection, with the usual. It stays on for about an hour or so.

In the research, the sensitivity of the penis can be called as one of the most effective methods for early diagnosis. The level of sensitivity of the penis is determined by means of vibration. Their total absence is an indicator of the sensitivity of the nerve points on the pelvis. Sooner or later, it becomes the cause of your impotence.

A special x-ray also allows for the calculation of the level of permeability of the arteries in the penis. It is introduced to the special liquid oxygen, which is being promoted by the body. If the blood flow is in order, in reduction of the power of guilt, of psychological problems.

Completely healthy men up to the age of fifty years ago, a spontaneous erection that occurs up to seven times during a night's sleep.

What are the reasons that you could have sexual dysfunction

To understand how to increase potency in men, it is important to understand what are the root causes of the problem. One of the causes could be:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Diabetes;
  • The existence of drug addiction;
  • The lack of testosterone;
  • The earthquake:
  • The young group.
  • The obesity of different degree;
  • An increase in the blood pressure;
  • A sedentary lifestyle;
  • Traumatized spine, or a herniated;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Often the stress, the hustle and bustle, ill-humour.

Configuring the primary root cause of it, you'll be a lot faster and easier than ever to retrieve all of the get back to normal.


Drugs for potency

How to increase potency in men? The use of traditional medicine has the capacity to deliver a range of drugs that are able to increase the power output in a very short period of time. Generic drugs, which are organic or synthetic-based. They all contribute to the strengthening of your erection for a long period of time.

But it is not possible to consider that almost all of them are restricted to the consumer market. They should not be taken if you have problems with their liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, or blood vessels. And if a man is suffering from either high or low pressure.

The drug levitra, to provide for the flow of blood to the penis, relaxing the smooth muscles. The vessels dilate, and the power output is increased. More and more – to improve erection. But keep in mind that drugs can not cause the desire to have sex.

These pills can work for different time periods. After four hours, and even days. The serving size and the number of times the reception can be to assign exclusively to medical. Because of all of these features are based on the age of the males and their overall level of health.

A very important point: the course of therapy with these medicinal products is not possible, in this case, if the patient suffers from cardiac arrhythmia, angina pectoris, or any allergies.

The basic rule of thumb right now is to produce sperm that are less often

It is not important – it is removed from the intimate, tension-in-house or with a partner. But it's worth it to avoid the to produce sperm. This is especially true for the men, and the age at which you have already crossed the mark of fifty years of age or older. A young woman is more easy to recover after this stage. But this only applies to young people.

This does not mean that it is now necessary to put a cross in the classroom by sex. It is not this one. You just have to try not to bring yourself to ejaculation. This is important, as long as the men, then to fifty, and still live a sexual life with the ever-increasing need for time to recover.

How can I improve the horsepower through natural methods

There are the natural variations that don't require medication:

  • Folk remedies;
  • A change in diet;
  • Physical exercises and massage.

With the introduction of these significant changes, actually implementing a fast power increase.

Alternative medicine to solve their problems

The medicine came to the people, it is also able to respond to the question of how to increase potency in men. And it offers a wide variety of recipes, providing a gain in the erection of the house, and to avoid impotency. Many conventional medicines are based on herbal and bee products, production, at least for pharmaceuticals. They are entirely safe for your body, and has no side effects.

Yet the revenues of the folk medicine:

  • A couple of tablespoons of juice, aloe juice mixed with half a cup of honey to liquid oxygen. Take half a teaspoon three times a day before each meal. The course of treatment is twelve weeks.
  • The infusion of green tea can help to prevent or to cure impotence. A couple of tablespoons of tea leaves and half a cup of the batter should pour in a pint of vodka, and about a week for them to forget it in the fridge. Color of the drinking water for over a month, before going to bed, a spoonful of tea.
  • A couple of tablespoons of crushed hypericum pour a glass of hot water, close and leave to brew it within an hour. Strain and drink a quarter cup three times a day. The drink will help you to resolve the congestion and improve the flow of blood. The infusion should be allowed to drink for three weeks.
  • The blend of a number of finely-chopped walnuts, pecans, figs, and dates. Add the same amount of honey. Eat one tablespoon of this mixture two or three times a day. It does have an influence, positive on the sex, and the constant consumption of it can enhance erectile function and to improve the overall health of the body.

Preferably, in addition to every day to eat a dozen of the pollen.

food is for power

The food to increase the power of the

If you see the first signs of the lowering, by the power of the man, it is desirable to review the diet – to completely abandon fatty foods, fried food, and junk food. This is one of the most effective ways to increase the power over the men in the house. The majority of food products incorporate all of the substances required for sexual arousal. And it is, therefore, to improve the internal state. For the best results, in this case to show the of vitamins E, A, E.

How to improve power in men and women:

  • The fruits of the sea, caviar, clams, fish, oysters, sec.
  • The flesh of the lamb, the beef, lean rabbit, a bird,
  • Vegetables – onions, carrots, parsnips, beets, celery, peas, radishes, and garlic;
  • Fresh nuts, nuts, cedar, and almonds.
  • Fruits-and-fruit – banana, grape, strawberry, raspberry, and dried fruits dates;
  • Chocolate – brown (with not less than 65% cocoa content);
  • The eggs are from a chicken or a quail.

All of the food preference, cooking, roasting, stewing, or cooking in steam. Eat four times a day in small portions. The last meal should be two to three hours before you go to bed. If you go this route, you can easily, and quickly, to ensure that the increase in the power of men.


In order to boost the power up to the proper level, a man needs several times a day to keep the anal muscles, with tension. Up until about fifteen minutes. And you do this for ten repetitions, with an interval of about thirty seconds. This is a simple exercise. One of its advantages is that you can be in any place, and in a manner invisible to other people.

Here are some more exercise in:

  • In the fast movements of the pelvis. They are performed in the nude. Feet put on width of shoulders, slightly bent. The faster you can move your pelvis to the front and rear to the fullest extent. Make the breaths deep and slow breathing out. The seven breathing exercises, the equivalent of a single approach. Make sure that the six approaches, with a pause of half a minute or so.
  • The rotation of the pelvis. Rotating the pelvis, to the fullest extent – for forty times, down each side. This exercise will help to improve the circulation of blood in the pelvis and strengthen the muscles of the back.
  • The cost. For this workout you will need dumbbells, the weight should be at least three pounds. The hands doing the stitches and then move on to the front of the most widely, reaching out to touch down to the ground with the knee of the other leg. To conclude, therefore, that of the twelve-step of each foot.
  • Slopes. The feet are put on a more broad-shoulder, leaning forward, trying to reach the ground. Bend your knees, it's not. To do this, you will need four sets of twenty reps. Over time, the number of repetitions should increase up to fifty.
  • The back squat. The foot should be put in the most wide, the shoulders, the buttocks, stretch out. Squat increased very slowly, without taking your heel off the ground. Frozen on the far end, on the count of three, and increased slowly, to climb. All you have to do twenty times. Not the least important, is the gradual increase in the time that is fixed in the position for three seconds, for two years.

A very important point: the loading, it is worth to complement the massage. Play relaxed in the egg, massaging them, lightly pressing it down. The massage helps to improve the potency in men. In this way, you can increase your level of testosterone and increase sperm volume. In addition to this, they are reduced to zero, and the risk of the occurrence of the reported impotence, and even infertility.

So much for the men as well as warn them of the disease

To keep the power in the next few years, it is easy to help you without the prevention. It is necessary to drink less strong tea and coffee making facilities.

Stop drinking alcoholic beverages, and tobacco. Smoking tobacco reduces the blood vessels and, thus, affect the circulation of the blood. Alcoholic beverages and do not bring benefits. And a beer helps the body to produce hormones, which are inherent in the low ground of the men. Most likely, to give up all at once, but it's hard. But, eventually, it will be possible to see the effect.

The men's is worth to closely keep track of your own weight. After about fifty years of age, the stronger sex impotence "wake up", on the basis of the occurrence of the reported diseases of the cardiovascular, genito-urinary, endocrine systems. And it is a part, is due to an increase in weight.

the prevention of the power

The rules for the preservation of sexual health:

  • Keep up the food supply. That is the best food in the most clean of the blood.
  • To control the pressure and the cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • If you get rid of the excess weight of every one:
  • Not necessarily you need to sleep, and was walking down the street a minimum of forty minutes per day;
  • Allow yourself to relax. To liven it up is easy, without the aid of an alcohol-and smoke-free environment. The increased workload has a negative effect on the erection;
  • Physical activity on A regular basis. For at least half an hour each day can help a man to maintain the standard of not only power, but also on the way;
  • The act of sex at least twice a week. After the self-gratification, it replaces a sexual relationship, but to improve the emotional state doesn't help;

To bring it back to the normal amount of pets in the home can be made of any man. It is only necessary to get rid of bad habits and the foods, substance in the body. Don't need to disregard, and as a folk medicine. In more advanced cases, you can not do this without the help of a doctor through the use of an effective treatment.