The first signs of sexual desire: what makes men aroused and tips for girls

Female and male organisms have different anatomical structures. The basic physiological processes are the same, but some neural reactions are much faster on stronger sex. From what is aroused by men and how the mechanism of erection occurs - it is important to know the sexual partner to increase self -interest and improve sex life.

A woman pleases a man

The mechanism of male arousal

An erection is the state of the penis being erect when a man’s body is ready to have sexual intercourse. The mechanism itself is due to the flow of arterial blood into the cavities of the cavernous bodies of the penis, as these organs grow larger, change the angle of inclination and become compact.

Inflow during sexual stimulation increases the process of blood supply by 10-20 times.

Simultaneously with the increase in blood flow, there is a contraction of the transverse muscles of the perineum and prostate gland, as well as a contraction of the muscles that compress the roots of the penis.
During an erection, the penis increases in volume 3-4 times and reaches a length of 14-18 cm, which is regulated by the nerve centers of the brain and the lower part of the spinal cord.

Erectile dysfunction can be divided into several types:

  1. Psychogenic reactions. It appears as a result of the influence of auditory, gustatory or visual stimuli. Nerve impulses send signals to the part of the brain responsible for the physiological responses of the penis.
  2. Reflex erection. This is an automatic response that occurs due to penile stimulation. Sensory stimulation directly affects the nerve endings of the penis, as well as the rectum and bladder.
  3. Spontaneous erection. It occurs without conscious control, in most cases at night.

Sometimes there is an aroused state of the penis in the morning, caused by dreams of erotic content, or by an overflow of the bladder, which is the physiological norm. In young people, erections at night can occur 3-6 times every night, when a man is asleep and does not even know about it. Reflexes work even in people with disabilities or patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

Erectile problems occur more frequently in old age due to the corresponding diseases of the genitourinary system.

The man's body is designed in such a way that after eye contact with the object of desire, a fantasy picture appears in the man's head, a picture of future sexual intercourse. This is the first step towards the emergence of sexual attraction.

The second level is physical contact. The stimulating effect on men is tapping or touching the genitals and also through clothing. With each step, the penis becomes harder, its size increases 2-3 times.

During the penetration of the penis into the vagina, the organs increase more, during friction, the sensitivity of the head increases. Ejaculation is the process of ejaculation when the testicles are emptied. The last stage of sexual intercourse is detumescence.

Detumescence is the opposite process of erection, when the penis returns to a state of rest. After orgasm, the penis becomes soft, sexual desire disappears due to gratification. Erection becomes possible only after 10-15 minutes.


What affects sexual arousal

It is possible to divide the reasons influencing the resurrection of a man into external and internal. Visual images, even imaginary, and unreal, can affect the condition of the penis.

Internal factor

Internal factors include physiological reactions. Blood flow to the penis is caused by nerve impulses, brain signals that give the command to induce an erection and produce lubrication.

Internal factors that cause sexual arousal:

  1. The work of the central nervous system. There is a message that speeds up blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Anticipating the pleasure, images of future sex popped into my head.
  2. Testosterone. It is the main male sex hormone. However, it has not been fully proven that it affects the level of libido. But the development of the genitourinary system depends on the work of androgens. Testosterone is responsible for the formation of major male sexual characteristics and for the processes associated with puberty.
  3. Prostate gland function. With prostatitis, hyperplasia or other prostate diseases, libido levels decrease, there is a risk of developing impotence.

The health of the male body is the key to erecting the penis. If there are problems with metabolism (diabetes mellitus), blood circulation, or with the development of mental disorders, symptoms such as slow potential are observed. If everything fits the prostate, hormonal background and central nervous system, then sexual desire will be even at the age of 50 years.

Testosterone is the major male sex hormone

External factors

There are many techniques for arousing men. Among the external influences, several groups can be observed: eye contact, taste sensations and sound. Even music can affect erections.

External influences on sexual urges:

  1. Visual image. This is not only a woman’s charm, but also a fantasy riot. Upon visual contact with the object of desire in the man’s head, a picture of future sexual intercourse appears, which makes blood flow to the penis.
  2. Sense of taste. Scientists have proven that even certain types of food can increase libido levels. These include seafood, garlic, parsley, and even beef. Foods like these are able to evoke nerve impulses and increase blood flow to the genitals.
  3. Smell. Pheromones are special magic that evoke certain feelings in a person. Perhaps the scent of the couple excites at the molecular level, which excites the brain system.
  4. Sounds. Even music can cause erections. However, among the methods of arousing enthusiasm is the talking or moaning of women. Such pathogens have a win-win effect on potency.

Among the mechanical methods of arousal, masturbation can be observed, when, after direct stimulation, the penis becomes larger and harder. The sexual organs are the major erogenous zone of men. From a woman’s efforts, touching and kissing a man is very exciting.

Female allure is a visual depiction to evoke a man

Signs of arousal in men

How to understand that a man is passionate - you should pay attention to changes in appearance. With behavior, some small changes can be identified signs of sexual desire.

Sexual stimulation is the response of the human body to sexual stimulation. Strength and duration depend on hormone levels, well-being, genetic predisposition, structural anatomical features.

How to understand that a man is aroused, the first major signs:

  • increased heart rate, tachycardia may appear;
  • there is intermittent uneven breathing;
  • pupils widen;
  • there is an increase in blood pressure;
  • timbre and tempo of the voice change;
  • not only the erect penis, but also other muscle groups;
  • increased saliva;
  • the appearance on the skin of "goose bumps" is observed.

By all indications, a man’s desire to have sexual intercourse resembles a manifestation of stress.

The main symptom is an erection. How big the penis is is an individual indicator, however, as a rule, the smaller the penis at rest, the larger it is during erection.

Changes in size are observed not only during sexual arousal, but also after the entry of the organ into the vagina. Rhythmic friction is another irritant that contributes to penis enlargement.

To prolong sexual intercourse, it is recommended to temporarily stop the rhythmic friction to reduce tension. On an erect penis, whiteness appears which is not to be feared. This is the pre-seminal fluid that plays an important role in fertility.
Pre-sperm can be excreted in the first stage of arousal as a lubricant, during lactation and thereafter.

Horny man

Myths and prejudices

The process of arousing the bodies of men and women takes place in completely different ways. There is a lot of sexual speculation on the internet about what turns men on. There are many myths, but it’s good to get rid of them so that a woman can be the most wanted in bed.

What really enlivens a man:

  1. Woke up in the morning. This is not only a psychological effect, but also a physiological effect. Around 9 a. m. , a representative of the stronger sex had an unintentional erection. It is during this time that the peak of sexual activity occurs. However, there are other factors that make morning sex desirable - a woman who is warm and comfortable. A sleepy hug evokes comfort and evokes a man’s feelings.
  2. Angry woman. There is no scientific explanation for facts such as irritation and sex. Perhaps when in a family relationship there is not enough sharpness and enthusiasm, the couple deliberately provokes his friend, thus causing anger in him. Reconciliation sex is very acute.
  3. Loose hair. At the same time, a certain frustration will add mystery to the picture. Men love the beauty of long hair, because intuitively he looks at a healthy woman the ideal mother for her child.
  4. Naturalness. Harmful makeup or smoky ice effectively works, but there are other ways. The lack of makeup also makes men more active. The reason is heavy - you don’t have to eat a lot of cream and lipstick while kissing.
  5. Men's stuff. A girl wearing a T-shirt some size larger becomes more fragile and helpless in a man’s eyes. Especially if you put it on your naked body. Plaid clothes are also considered to be the causative agent of sexual fantasy. In the eyes of men, the couple becomes bullies who do not resist the most daring experiments in bed.
  6. A talented girl. No need to play the piano professionally or be a brilliant musician; enough to pick up a musical instrument. Men are turned on by half-naked girls on piano, guitar, but if the talent is really there, then use it more boldly. Beautiful singing, playing musical instruments - all these are ways to influence a man’s erection with the help of sound techniques.
  7. The presence of a small stomach. Healthy lifestyles, fitness models and abs cubes are now in use. However, most men prefer soft and large shapes: liquid breasts, wide hips and small bellies. The perfect appearance can, in turn, intimidate representatives of the stronger sex.
  8. Small wrinkles. Oddly enough, but the first signs of aging stimulate sexual desire. This is due to the fact that a woman becomes mature and experienced, she does not have to be ashamed in sex. And a cute dimple on the cheek or a pair of "crow's feet" in the corner of the eye causes only the desire to kiss the face of a loved one. Therefore, women should not be upset when they see a small net on their face, but take advantage of this time and find a suitable sexual partner.
  9. Small breast size. Men prefer small breasts. And it is true. Owners of the fifth size will fly if the chest loses its previous elasticity and shape. Small breasts grow slowly, do not sag even after breastfeeding and have an attractive appearance even in women over 40 years of age. Also, men prefer the chest fitted perfectly in the hand.
  10. The desire to eat. A woman who is hungry with an appetite is just a man’s dream. Now all the girls around her are obsessed with diet, making sure not to eat extra calories. You certainly can’t put a fat, big hamburger in yourself, but don’t push when a guy offers a denser dinner than usual. By trying a variety of dishes and not giving up a variety of alcoholic beverages, a woman gave the man a non -verbal signal that she also would not dare to sleep.
  11. Spectacles. In adult movies, you can often see pictures of a sexy teacher willing to work after school. Bookworms like that, always cram books - a source of sexual inspiration. We just have to wear glasses in bed, because the man's fantasy begins to actively create possible poses.
  12. A tired voice. Annoyingly high -pitched voice. The sexiest is the voice of Merlin Monroe, which comes from a distance below. A light whisper during dinner is a chance to wake up your partner right at the table. Men do not like harsh and scandalous women, because with it their mental health will be lost, so subconsciously he chooses a quiet partner with a low voice.
  13. Closed clothes. Long dresses without necklines or floor -length skirts are perfect for a first date. The tactile image engages the imagination of men and encourages them to continue dating. In addition, people who are too accessible with short skirts are not the desired goal, because it is very easy to win, and men love to play and achieve it.
  14. Unburned skin area. A very strange fetish that some men like. At the same time, the unburned panties looked very glazed, as if the woman was more exposed. Therefore, you can not sunbathe naked, you can leave some areas to use this technique in bed.
  15. Empty legs. They say that men like girls with high heels - yes, but not like them. Bare feet are a symbol of liberation and freedom. If you take off your shoes while walking in the evening and continue the hike barefoot, the date may end with a warm offer.

Perfect style, bright makeup and short dresses are the losing options. Mystery, nature and lack of self -restraint guarantee a woman’s victory over a man. To conquer a man, you just have to be yourself.

Lack of makeup and loose hair in women pleases a man

Practical advice

The rules of flirting don’t seem to be easy for all girls. During sexual play, a man can be aroused in such a way that the selected picture will not come out of his head. You just have to know a few secrets of sedition to win a couple.

Practical advice for women:

  1. Take the initiative. When flirting, try to look your man right in the eye, making him want to get closer. Show your passion and willingness to have sex.
  2. Spontaneity. Don’t plan sex, start abusing your boyfriend while watching movies. No man would reject the turn of such an incident.
  3. Main. Show that sexual desire is changing you, try free or sensitive experimental photos. In addition, you can use a variety of themed clothes on the bed.
  4. Laugh. Not at the sight of a naked man, but because of his joke. Humor is another aphrodisiac that can help increase your sexual drive.
  5. Whisper. Interesting words and expressions spoken into the ear sometimes have sexual stimulants and special medications.
  6. Touch. Effective safe methods. Knocking, touching close, and even dancing can cause erections.
  7. Striptease. Slow underwear added to the thickness, when a man can only see but not touch, exudes enthusiasm. Sexual fantasy implies many options for the possibility of sexual intercourse.
  8. Aroma of women. And this is not a perfume, but a natural scent of women. During sexual stimulation, a girl’s aroma can change, certain enzymes are released that attract men’s attention.
  9. Confidentiality. The forbidden fruit is sweet, so sometimes couples cheat on each other. It is useful to create a game in which the instincts of the conqueror will work for a man, so that he wants to conquer a girl.
  10. Partial packing. You cannot undress completely in front of men. Leave room to think. The man must have had a desire to know what was hidden behind the silk robe and what color the dress was.

These secrets will help a woman become a leopard in bed, win over the man she loves, or restore her passion in marriage. Love is the first source of joy. If a man falls in love, then the couple will have no problems in sex.

Humor is a great aphrodisiac that increases arousal