Increased potential in men after 50 years

ways to increase potency in men after 50 years

A man's interest in sex life after fifty has undergone little change, albeit with a slight decrease in potential. The frequency and duration of sexual intercourse decreases, erections develop more slowly, but sexual satisfaction remains.

In most cases, male potential disorders after 50 years of successful treatment, you just need to see a doctor in a timely manner. This article will help you understand men's health problems.

What is the potential of 50

After reaching the age of 50, the physiological likelihood of continuing sexual life in a man is reduced, but this does not mean that they have completely disappeared. The need to have sexual intercourse in healthy men is maintained, and continued interest in this issue is maintained.

However, the potential of men after 50 years decreases, almost all men state that they now need more time to reach the level of readiness. Signs of physiological aging can appear in a truly healthy man.

The norm at this age is around 8-10 full sexual encounters per month with an average duration of 2 to 3 minutes (about 50 friction). But this is the average rate, for some men, usually more contacts, for others - less. The duration can also be very different.

The concept of norms in sexual life is individual: if a man feels comfortable at a certain level of sexual intercourse, then this is the norm for him. Some men maintain the ability to have sex until old age. Why is this happening? Clearly, previous male lineage and way of life are very important to maintain potential.

These are all norm choices to consider. But in some cases, a man needs extra support.

How to increase potency after 50 years is best discussed with a urologist-andrologist. He or she will give you advice on how you can strengthen your masculine strength, recommend effective medications, supplements or folk remedies.

Causes of impotence in men after 50

Why is male sexual activity declining? The decline in potential after 50 years has a variety of causes, both physiological and pathological, associated with various diseases.

Physiological causes

Physiological reasons for decreased potency in men include:

  1. Decreased levels of the male sex hormone testosterone in the blood.In numbers, this indicator is 350-1000 ng / dl. For young men, this is the upper limit of the norm, starting at the age of 30 the indicator decreases and at the age of 50 according to the lower limit of the norm. This helps reduce sexual desire and all other sexual relationships.
  2. Changes in the activity of the central nervous system in men after 50.Now it is not joy that occurs in it, as in adolescence, but inhibition, but more often this process balances each other.
  3. Age-related changes in the walls of blood vessels.They become less elastic, so during sexual arousal, the expansion of blood vessels and blood flow to the penis does not occur as quickly as in adolescence.

If you know and take into account the peculiarities of age, then the problem with the potential at age 50 can be solved by correcting the behavior of a man and his partner during sexual intercourse.

Pathological causes

Age-related potential disorders in men can be based on many causes. In the second half of life, men often suffer from various chronic diseases, bad habits appear, which lead to potential violations. These reasons include:

  1. Long-term smoking and alcohol abuse.And in fact, and in other cases, the circulatory system suffers: constant vasoconstriction occurs, which prevents the development of erections. Drinking men often disagree with this, because with alcohol intake, erections can increase. This is the deceptive nature of ethanol: initially, for a short period of time, it rapidly expands vessels (promoting the onset of erections), and then causes their long-term continuous narrowing. The longer the interest in alcohol, the weaker the potential.
  2. Eating disorderswith the consumption of large amounts of high calorie foods (fatty, sweet, rich). This leads to metabolic changes and related hormonal and cholesterol disorders.
  3. Inactive lifestyle- contributes to poor blood circulation and the appearance of erectile dysfunction.
  4. Violations of cholesterol metabolismand diseases related to the heart and blood vessels. Men are more prone to this pathology than women, especially if the family has diseases such as myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke. Cholesterol plaques are stored in the walls of blood vessels, which prevent the expansion and flow of blood to the small pelvis during sexual intercourse.
  5. Obesity. This stimulates the strengthening of hormonal disorders and disorders of cholesterol metabolism, therefore, it has a negative impact on potency.
  6. Diabetes mellitus type 2, in which the body loses its ability to absorb glucose, develops mainly after 40-50 years and causes continuous narrowing of small arteries, including in the pelvic area, which reduces the quality of erectile function.
  7. Chronic inflammatory diseases and benign tumorsprostate gland (prostate). Chronic prostatitis with persistent pain and urinary dysfunction does not contribute to a full sex life.
  8. Transplanted and not completely cured genital infections- gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, etc. and suppress sexual function. A man develops weak potential.
  9. Spinal diseases- osteochondrosis and lumbosacral hernias with stuck cauda equina - the end of the spinal cord, which contains the centers responsible for the genitourinary system.
  10. Increased physical activity and frequent stress- does not contribute to the preservation of normal potential in a man.
  11. Taking certain medications. These medications include specific medications for lowering blood pressure, antidepressants, sedatives, and more.

How to increase a man's potential at the age of 50, if associated with the listed problems, urogog-andrologist will tell you, he will also choose medications and supplements to restore male strength.

The first signs of weak potential at 50

Because male potential disorders have different causes, their symptoms and developmental patterns are also different. Thus, after stress or acute illness (flu, viral infections, intestinal infections), the potential decreases for a while, and then recovers in age-related amounts.

Against the background of chronic cardiovascular pathology or long-term inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, its decline will be gradual, making it more difficult to notice its signs. The following symptoms should be noted:

  • decreased libido - a man is less concerned with his own sexuality;
  • spontaneous morning erection;
  • decrease in the number of sexual intercourse per month compared to the same period a year (six months) ago;
  • the onset of erection is slow, to achieve it requires partner foreplay;
  • penis during erection is not firm enough, volume increase is incomplete, height angle below normal;
  • the appearance of premature ejaculation and quick completion.

If some failure occurs once or twice, and then everything recovers, then a man does not need to panic, he just needs to build a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, relieve stress and strenuous physical activity, and restore a trusted relationshipwith a partner.

If the potential disorder lasts longer, especially if there is a slow decline, then it is best for a man to seek medical help as soon as possible. Today it is very possible to restore sexual dysfunction in a man after 50 years.

Levels of age-related potential disruption

Potential disorders occur in almost half of men after 50 years. All potential violations are divided into degrees:

  • mild degree- minor failures occur periodically or there is a gradual and invisible decrease in potential; morning spontaneous erection disappears, menstrual time decreases, etc . ; mild disorders occur in a third of men with potential problems;
  • medium- problems increase, difficulty achieving full erection, premature ejaculation appears; failure is accompanied by stress, which exacerbates the condition; average levels develop in the male half with this pathology;
  • severe level- lack of sexual desire and complete impotence; sometimes sexual desire persists, but there is no erection; grows in 20% of males.

If a man has weak potential at the age of 50, do not wait for symptoms to appear, it is better to see a doctor immediately!

How to increase potential after 50 years

Only a doctor present after the initial examination of the patient can find out why a man's sexual activity decreases and how to increase the potential at 50. The doctor explains that all disorders can be overcome successfully. He or she will prescribe complex therapy, taking into account all the features of the disorder that arises, its causes and the presence of concomitant diseases. Complex treatments include:

  • adjust daily routines, loads, diet and relationships with partners;
  • drug treatment;
  • non-drug methods:
  • physiotherapy;
  • exercise therapy;
  • urut;
  • reflexology;
  • psychotherapy.

Medication treatment for impotence at 50

If a man has cardiovascular pathology (angina pectoris, high blood pressure) or endocrine (diabetes, obesity), he is treated simultaneously by a urologist-andrologist and a therapist (cardiologist, endocrinologist). To increase potency after 50 years, you need to treat the same disease.

If there is a mild potential disorder caused by insufficient testosterone secretion, phytopreparation or supplements (supplements) stimulate the production of hormones or drugs containing synthetic testosterone, vitamins, minerals are prescribed to maintain it.

If there is a significant erectile dysfunction, medications are prescribed that suppress the action of enzymes that inhibit rapid penile expansion (IFDE-5 group).

Non-drug treatment

This method is sometimes as effective as taking pills. Non-drug methods include:

  1. Physiotherapy- electrophoresis with sedatives prescribed to relieve the effects of stress. With erectile dysfunction, rectal electrical stimulation and laser therapy help to cope. High frequency transcerebral therapy restores hormonal balance.
  2. Sort. General massage aligns, restores body strength, tightens the central nervous system. Segment massage (including cupping) restores potential.
  3. Reflexotherapy- effects on acupuncture points (AT) located on the surface of the body and connected reflexively to the pelvic organs. With this ancient Chinese method, all sexual harassment can be cured. The result: you can regain full strength, increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  4. Psychotherapy. Almost all potential disorders are accompanied by psychological disorders that exacerbate their journey. Psychotherapy courses eliminate the effects of acute and prolonged stress, restoring a man’s confidence in his abilities.

How to increase potential after 50 without a doctor

Increases potential after 50 years without a problem doctor, because at this age a man has many concomitant diseases, often without symptoms. To identify them, you need to undergo an examination. Without this there is no way, because the state of sexual function, the ability to improve it, directly depends on the treatment of the corresponding disease.

However, how to increase the potential at 50 own rate? To do this, you should try to take folk remedies, herbal medicines and supplements, as well as build a healthy lifestyle and diet.

People's solution

The advantage of folk remedies is that they have a minimum of side effects and contraindications. But its effectiveness is directly related to proper application. Therefore, if there is no sexual desire, this means that stimulating the erection will not help, and vice versa. But there are also traditional medicines that are suitable for all men over the age of 50 with potential disorders.

TOP-3 universal folk remedies to increase potency after 50:

  1. Royal jellyis ​​the secret of the worker bee gland. A universal remedy for potential disorders in men from everywhere. Restores the background of male hormones, improves blood circulation and the state of the nervous system, calms, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral and immunostimulatory effects. Take one teaspoon three times a day 30 minutes before meals and keep in the mouth for 5-10 minutes. The course of treatment is one month. Royal jelly is very useful for inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs and circulatory disorders in men after 50 years.
  2. Gingeris ​​an excellent medicine for improving blood circulation in the small pelvis and activating the body's defenses. Also a universal remedy for sexual harassment. Expands blood vessels, warms, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. A decoction of ginger is prepared as follows: two tablespoons of fresh chopped roots poured with 250 ml of boiled water and kept for 20 - 30 minutes in a water bath. Take one tablespoon three times a day, with honey. Course - month.
  3. Collect ingredients for impotence. Take parts of crushed dried plants: calendula flowers - 1 part, sandy immortelle inflorescences - 2 parts, valerian root - 2. 5 parts, St. John's wort herb. John - 3 parts. Pour a tablespoon of the collection with 250 ml of water, heat in a water bath for 15-20 minutes. Take one tablespoon three times a day before meals for 4 to 6 weeks.

Phytop preparations and supplements

For increased self-sexual function, intake of fitopreparations, bioadditives for food (supplements), increased potency is indicated. The main condition: they can only be purchased at the pharmacy and after consulting a specialist. Buying over the Internet is a risk of getting fake or just low quality products, sometimes even unhealthy.


Men after 50 years of age often lead an inactive, overweight lifestyle. All of this interferes with blood circulation in the small pelvis, complicating blood flow to the genitals and the development of erections. Exercises designed specifically to increase potential can correct the situation. They will strengthen muscles, activate blood circulation, and increase metabolism. They need to be done periodically.

TOP-3 exercises to increase male potential at age 50:

  1. Diaphragmatic breathing- pelvic organ massage. Lying on your back, bend your legs to your knees. Inhale slowly, out of your stomach. Hold your breath for 3 seconds and exhale slowly, actively pulling on your stomach. Do it 10 times.
  2. Walking on the back- strengthens the pelvic muscles and blood vessel walls. Sit on the floor with legs straight, elongated and slightly apart. Move forward, move on the back, 2 m forward, then backward. Repeat 6 times.
  3. Movement with knee endurance- strengthens the perineum muscles, increases blood flow to the genitals. Sit on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, hands at the knees above. Add and lengthen the knee while holding this movement with the hands. Do it 10 times.

Erectile dysfunction prevention at age 50

  1. Eat Regularly. You should eat lean animal products: meat, seafood, milk, cottage cheese, cheese. The exception is fish: oily sea fish and fish oil are very beneficial for men's health. In addition, the diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and grains. Fatty, fried, smoked, sweets, grilled foods should be excluded from the male diet, and alcohol intake should be restricted.
  2. Increase physical activity. You should walk more, engage in as much sport as possible. Swimming is very useful.
  3. Stress Management. Rare short-term stress does not have a negative impact on potential. Frequent and prolonged stress is dangerous, you should get rid of it, if necessary, drink soothing herbs (valerian, motherwort).
  4. It is also important to treat the disease in a timely manner, as it suppresses sexual activity and increases potential disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is medication safe for rapid potential recovery at age 50?

Yes, there is, but it is prescribed by a doctor.

Will a man's potential be restored if he gives up bad habits?

To restore potential, complex treatments need to be performed, including releasing bad habits.

To what age must a man maintain his abilities?

It all depends on the man's genetics and lifestyle. Some men remain sexually active until old age.

Potential recovery in men after 50 years is not a problem in our time, there are all possibilities for this. But much depends on the man himself: pills alone will not restore sexual health. To maintain normal potential, you need to eat right, move more, get rid of bad habits. Problems? But well worth it!