The secret of strong potential in 60-year-old men

Erectile dysfunction in a man after 60 years

In adulthood, all men strive to maintain the same sex life as they did at a younger age. Weakening erections hurts self-esteem and affects psycho-emotional states. Therefore, the weak potential in men at the age of 60 and how to improve it remains a pressing problem of modern medicine. During this life span, testosterone production decreases dramatically, sexual activity decreases, metabolic processes in the body slow down. Doctors do not advise to despair, because even at such an adult age, subject to recommendations, many have the ability to conceive and reproduce.

The meaning of sex in men's lives

Men's sex and health on a regular basis are inseparable concepts. If sex life runs in a measured way, this means that the chances of meeting old age with full bloom will increase. Sex energizes stronger sex, gives them self-confidence, and creates well-being in general. Whatever the financial problems or problems at work, they are always the background when you should meet the woman you love.

Sexual intimacy is a tool to resolve family disputes

Sex not only serves as a powerful stabilizer, but also a powerful medicine. Intimate relationships help the body cope with the flu, viruses, colds, and some male diseases. In addition, sexual intercourse is considered a good tool to resolve family differences.

Scientists have found that men who have sex with their partners stay alive for a long time and have excellent health, unlike those who often change girlfriends. They maintain a normal weight, suffer from less vascular pathology and baldness.

Attention! Frequent sex strengthens the heart muscle and nervous system, increases metabolism and enhances immunity.

All this is due to the production of sex hormones. They regulate all processes, responsible for growth, development, intelligence, skin health and appearance. But as they get older, their synthesis decreases, leading to imbalances and problems in intimate life. In this article, we will answer the question of whether a man aged 60 and above can have good potential.

Methods to increase male potency after 60 years

Many men truly believe that getting rid of erectile dysfunction in adulthood is only possible with the help of stimulant drugs, otherwise their chances of restoring male strength are zero. This opinion is considered fundamentally wrong. It is not recommended to take chemical agents during this lifespan, because under the influence of strong components, the load on the cardiovascular system increases.

Doctors say that in order for erection ability after 60 years to remain stable and maintain, as in young years, you need to pay attention to your body and, above all, eliminate the negative factors that damage the general and sexual health of an adult man.

Doctors offer a variety of effective measures and techniques on how to increase potency quickly and qualitatively at age 60:

Increase potential by doing physical activity
  • change the rules and quality of food;
  • weight loss;
  • active sports;
  • good rest recovery;
  • regular sex;
  • use of traditional medicines and medicine.

Adhering to all these rules will help restore male strength quickly and effectively. And the attending physician will tell you what to focus on and how to combat sexual impotence.

Age-related changes that affect potential

Everyone knows that the potential of men at any age depends on the level of testosterone - the male sex hormone. He is responsible for the quality of intimate life, in particular:

  • for sexual attraction to the opposite sex;
  • erection firmness and stability;
  • period of intercourse;
  • sperm characteristics.

Against the background of decreased male hormone production, intimacy occurs more rarely, arousal decreases. A man should be prepared to face such a situation.

  1. Fatigue after intercourse and a longer recovery period.
  2. Increase in the period required for arousal and erection.
  3. Reduces emotional acuity and brightness of sensation from intimacy.
  4. Loss of penis and testicular elasticity, decreased in size.

It is logical that the ability to fertilize decreases as the synthesized sperm become less mobile. This condition does not arise by itself and occurs under the influence of internal physiological changes and external adverse factors.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction

Increased potency in men after the age of 60 indicates a lifestyle correction. Experts advise men not to limit themselves in sexual intercourse and restore activity through frequent sexual intercourse. In their opinion, regular intimacy is an effective method to increase potency, prevent a decrease in intimate quality of life and libido. At the same time, you should pay attention to the influence of negative factors such as:

Obesity in men is one of the potential causes of problems
  • hypodynamia;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • nervous tension, frequent stress;
  • chronic fatigue, lack of adequate rest;
  • being overweight leads to obesity;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • concomitant disease in chronic form.

Before starting treatment for a disorder, it is necessary to know the cause of its occurrence. As a rule, a man can not solve his own problems, therefore, the help of a specialist who will make a thorough diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe therapy will be very valuable.

The best medicine to increase the potential of the elderly

It is logical that it is impossible to get rid of impotence with the help of physical exercise and proper nutrition, and in any case more serious action will be required. To combat erectile dysfunction, various agents for systemic and local use have been developed: tablets, capsules, gels, ointments, drops, solutions for injections. Their appointment is made by a specialist who takes into account the diagnostic results. Medicines that can be taken in old age can be conditionally divided into several groups.

  1. A hormonal agent that increases testosterone levels in the blood. They are designed to enhance male sexual function. Recommended for long courses.
  2. Ways that stimulate metabolic processes in the body. These are herbal or homeopathic remedies that have a small number of side effects and are approved for use even on heart and blood vessel diseases.
  3. Tablets are taken immediately before intercourse. This is a inhibitor of phosphodiesterase-5, whose action is based on vasodilation and increased blood flow, which contributes to the rapid achievement of erectile conditions.
  4. Antidepressants. They are prescribed in situations where psychological problems have been the cause of the development of erectile dysfunction. For some patients, they are shown to relieve depression, apathy associated with failure in sexual life.
  5. Vitamin and mineral complex. They are able to provoke an increase in potency in men after 60 years.

As a rule, all medications are well tolerated by patients. But if there is a bad reaction, the attending physician should be notified, who will cancel the medication, or prescribe a safer analogue.

Traditional Medicine Recipes

When restoring sexual function in men at the age of sixty, doctors pay special attention to traditional medicine - herbal preparations, not synthetic drugs. Of course, their action is slower, but the effect is more persistent and long-lasting. Moreover, each medicine can be prepared at home or purchased ready at the pharmacy. The most popular drugs to increase libido and eliminate erectile dysfunction are the following:

  • ginseng root alcohol color;
  • flax seeds;
  • ordinary dubrovnik broth;
  • perga - unprocessed plant pollen;
  • asparagus and European seeds;
  • the color of alcohol from a stream of male musk deer.

Popularity among men hundreds of years ago was won in ways such as:

  • decoction of medicinal ingredients - chamomile, thyme, oak bark, yarrow;
  • ginger tea with honey;
  • crushed pumpkin seeds with liquid bee farm products.

Free to improve sexual function and increase sexual desire will help foods such as honey, dried fruit, garlic, onions. To enhance the effect, you can grind figs, walnuts, poppy seeds, prunes, sesame seeds in a blender and take the prepared mixture in one tablespoon three times a day.

About the benefits of physical education

There is a direct link between sexual health and sports. In this case, potential recovery after 60 years is achieved by increasing physical activity, swimming, as well as a complex of physical exercises that can be done at home.

Important to know! First of all, this is Kegel gymnastics, which aims to stimulate blood flow in the pelvic and genital areas. Regular exercise of the perineum muscles will restore lost sexual ability, as well as get rid of many urological diseases.

Yoga is useful for restoring the sexual potential of an old man. This type of physical activity can be found in a special section called Kundalini. Exercise helps improve blood circulation, increase sexual drive, normalize potential. Walking Scandinavia is considered useful and interesting. When it is done, all muscle groups, as well as organs and systems, are involved. To choose the best appearance, you should consult an expert.

Ordinary Sex Life

Frequent intimacy plays a big role in maintaining sexual activity in older men. Long-term abstinence, long breaks have a detrimental effect on men's health, so they are only contraindicated. You can not be extreme and often change partners, but having sex twice a week with a beloved woman is good for the body. He, in turn, should help a man in any way possible, stimulating erections with skilled manipulation, because at this age violent desires and imaginations are no longer sufficient.

Proper nutrition

How to increase a man's potential at the age of 60, the nutritionist will tell you, he will tell you about the necessary dietary correction. Proper nutrition does not mean strict restrictions and strict rejection of your favorite foods. This restriction is only recommended if you have excess body fat.

If your weight does not exceed the norm, it is enough to follow a simple rule:

  • eat regularly, at least 5-6 times a day, using small portions;
  • cook food with steam, in a slow cooker or in the oven;
  • drink at least 1. 5-2 liters of fluid.

Tip! When compiling the menu, keep in mind that as you age, a man needs to consume less carbohydrate and protein foods that come from animals.

This means that the diet should limit fatty meats, poultry, reduce the use of eggs, cream and sour cream. In addition, it is recommended to minimize the following list items:

  • smoke and pickle products;
  • hot spices and herbs;
  • liquor - black tea, coffee and soda;
  • sausage;
  • butter;
  • alcohol.

Potential recovery is facilitated by a fairly extensive range of products that you should keep in mind:

  • beans - walnuts, cashews, pistachios, Brazil;
  • nuts and seeds - very useful in case of diabetes;
  • berries and fresh fruit - at least 200 g per day;
  • fermented dairy products - cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir;
  • fatty sea fish containing double unsaturated Omega acid;
  • Green cross vegetables - asparagus, peppers, onions, various types of cabbage.

Red meat should be replaced with white, seafood and dark chocolate should be eaten at least twice a week. You should start eating as early as possible, but old age is not a reason to reject healthy foods.

Prevention of sexual impotence in old age

To have a persistent, high-potential erection at age 60, you should start taking care of your health from a young age or at least from the moment the first signs of the disorder appear. Doctors offer a variety of measures that show how to restore a man’s potential at age 60 and minimize the risk of his weakness.

Moderate physical activity to restore potential at age 60
  1. Quit smoking, alcoholic beverages, strong substances.
  2. Find a healthy and balanced diet.
  3. Follow sports, get moderate physical activity.
  4. Have a regular sex life.
  5. Timely treatment of all emerging pathologies and, first of all, diseases of the genitourinary system.
  6. Avoid overheating, hypothermia and colds.
  7. Refrain from self-treatment, as well as taking medication without a doctor's prescription.
  8. Periodically undergo preventive screening to detect disease in the early stages of development.

This simple step can not only help maintain health, strengthen sexual potential, but also prolong life, improve its quality.


Although men belong to the human half, most of them at the age of sixty have difficulty with the potential, suffering from erectile dysfunction. According to statistics, 40% suffer from disorders at the age of 30-40, and 65-80% - after 60 years. Everyone is able to regain their self-confidence and masculine strength, if they immediately seek professional help and change their lifestyle.