Natural remedies to increase potency in men

According to statistics, only about 30% of men can boast of excellent reproductive and reproductive health. The rest, from time to time, face various problems, one of which is erectile dysfunction. Symptoms can appear at any age, the frequency of violations is associated with lifestyle, the presence of chronic pathology, diet.

Bed discomfort is a cause of physiological difficulties, and a decrease in potential also affects a man's emotional state. The struggle against the weakening of power should begin not with drugs, but with dietary reviews and the use of folk recipes. This allows the frugal method to affect the body and exclude the development of side reactions.

Once the problem starts in the genital area, a man needs a doctor's consultation. This is important to exclude serious pathology. When dysfunction is caused by a disease of the reproductive system, the underlying disease will be treated. Otherwise, there is no way that will give the desired result, the man will waste his time and energy.

Among the causes of erectile dysfunction, not related to pathology, are:

  1. mineral and vitamin deficiency;
  2. animal fat abuse, alcoholic beverages, smoking;
  3. inactive lifestyle;
  4. long-term use of certain medications.

Even with the occasional damp stand, the problem can not be ignored. Also, latent genetic latent infections are not excluded, which initially do not provide specific symptoms, but are manifested only by decreased potency and libido.

To normalize the condition, natural remedies are recommended to increase potency in men. They are used in complex therapy or as an independent tool.


Honey bees are a natural aphrodisiac, this product is a record holder of macronutrients, micro elements, vitamins. It is added to a plate, eaten as a bite, or used to prepare a mixture of medicines.

Potential benefits of honey bean blends. This tool improves erectile function, improves blood circulation in the penile ducts. To do this, mix the lime honey or buckwheat and peeled walnuts in equal parts.

If ejaculation is interrupted, a small number of dates and dried apricots are added to the mixture. Dried fruit contributes to better genital function, normalizing the chemical composition of sperm. The mixture is taken in one tablespoon twice a day.

The duration of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks, as the funder:

  • high in calories;
  • can negatively affect metabolism.

But this method is contraindicated for men who are overweight.

Honey candles also help combat decreased ability. They can be easily prepared at home, the main component of the product is a wax cake.

You need to mix 500 g of cake cake and 500 ml of medical alcohol, then put the mixture on low heat and bring to a boil. Cook until mixture is thick and brown. Then add half a kilogram of fat base to the container, remove from the heat, cool.

Small candles are made from the mass of room temperature by hand, the length should not be more than 2 cm. Once the wax is placed in the refrigerator overnight, it is better for one day to solidify. Vaseline, glycerin, goose, badger or bear fat are taken as a fat base.

Important!Suppositories are gently inserted into the anus twice a day for 30 days. It is important to do an enema before the procedure, as this will increase the absorption of nutrients.

Healing herbs

Herbal medicine will be an excellent helper in combating men's problems. Phyto-tea is easily tolerated by the body, contains many tannins, vitamins, essential oils, and minerals. Herbs dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, and normalize blood supply to the penis, scrotum and testicles.

Plants have a broad spectrum of action, kill pathogenic microorganisms, have a positive effect on the state of the genitourinary system, prevent the development of infectious processes in the urethra, bladder and kidneys.

Ginseng Root

ginseng root to increase potency

This natural aphrodisiac has stimulating and firming properties. This plant is a warehouse that has beneficial nutrients, including increasing the general tone of the body and the duration of intercourse. Ginseng root helps increase physical endurance, stimulates erectile function, protects from premature aging, and increases libido.

Ginseng root is found in many medicines and supplements for the treatment of various sexual disorders. To restore male strength, it is necessary to add slightly crushed roots to the tea periodically or just provide healing from it.

The list of ingredients includes:

  1. flower honey (350 grams);
  2. rubbing alcohol (30 milliliters);
  3. crushed dried ginseng root (1 tsp).

The components are mixed, put in a dark place for ten days, and then filtered. You should drink 1/2 teaspoon three times a day.

Important!The duration of therapy is at least two months.

Stinging nettles

Nettle is known for its antibacterial, tightening and tonic properties. Healing plants will be helpful in combating potential disorders.

nettle to increase potential

To prepare the medicine mixture, take a large amount of fresh nettle vegetables, pour boiling water and cut until clean. Then the grass is poured with 100 milliliters of boiling water, insist for half an hour, filtered through a thin cloth or special filter, taken thirty minutes before eating.

This method is suitable for treatment in the spring, when new nettle plants appear. Mature leaves can increase blood clotting, disrupting blood circulation in the genital area. You need to drink healing broth two to three times a day, the duration of therapy is forty-five days.

If it is not possible to use fresh grass, it can be replaced with seeds (sold in pharmacies). One tablespoon of seeds is poured with a glass of honey, 50 grams of high quality red wine. The mixture is stored in the refrigerator, taken in a teaspoon three times a day.

Important!It is recommended to be treated for 2 months, then take a short break and continue the course.


Thyme can also deal with men's health problems effectively. This plant is recognized as the most beneficial to increase male potency. It contains a lot of chromium and zinc. Without these nutrients, it is impossible for the reproductive organs to work completely.

herbs to increase potency in men

If a man plans to become a father in the near future, he is recommended to drink tea from herbal medicine daily. Plant tingling helps fight erectile dysfunction. Prepare the medicine from two teaspoons of the herb and a glass of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes.

The healing liquid is taken as a tea two to four times a day, lasting a course of at least four months.

Important!After expiration, rest for 2 months, and then return to therapy, reducing the daily dose to one cup a day.


Aspen bark is an excellent folk remedy for increasing male potency. It contains flavonoids and phagocytes, which have a positive effect on the male body.

The bark, leaves and buds of trees are also used to prepare medicines to fight impotence. They can be prepared freely or purchased at ready-made pharmacies. Decoctions are prepared from aspen, tinctures and extracts are made. It is also allowed to chew and dissolve the bark until the healing substance enters the body in pure form.

To increase potency, it is enough to take a few tablespoons of aspen buds, pour a glass of boiling water, insist at least an hour. It is taken before meals; to enhance the color sense, it is allowed to add a little honey.

Important!You can take the medicine even for hypertensive and diabetic patients.

How to increase potential quickly

Mustard stickers

mustard plaster to increase the potential quickly

Traditional medicine knows safe methods to overcome the problem of impotence that can solve the problem and not endanger the health of men.

If a man has a bad penis, mustard plaster will help him. With moderate local use, they slightly irritate the reflex zones in the legs, which are responsible for stable libido and erection.

Applying mustard plaster is simple, they are moistened in warm water one by one, and then rubbed on the feet for ten to fifteen minutes. During this period, there is active blood flow to the pelvic organs, penis size increases and hardens.

It is forbidden to use mustard plaster at high body temperature, cracks, open wounds, lumps.

Important!If there is chronic pathology of the respiratory system and heart, early consultation with a doctor is indicated.

Walking barefoot

And this method is based on the active point reflex stimulation in the male body. Walking barefoot can overcome the problem of impotence, you just have to take off your shoes and walk on the ground for a few hours. A stronger effect is observed with the next leg massage.

It should be noted that such treatment is prohibited for diseases of the musculoskeletal system: heel spurs, bursitis.

Important!With this pathology, the pain will increase, and there will be no discussion of the therapeutic effects.

Eastern Spices

spices and seasonings to increase potency

Eliminating moist erections also gives the use of oriental spices, if added to regular Indian tea. Even with the onset of symptoms of erectile dysfunction on a regular basis, this medication will help prevent pathology and prevent it from getting worse.

Eastern spices enhance the function of the central nervous system, helping to cleanse the blood vessels of toxins and toxic substances. Successfully improves body tone, improves the function of the central nervous system.

The recipe for making a healing drink is simple. While brewing black tea, a small amount of saffron, ginger and cloves are added to it. With the systematic use of natural Viagra, impotence prevention is done.

Since ginger is present in the composition, it is undesirable to use recipes for gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, internal bleeding.

Important!With proper use, spices are very beneficial, reviews on its methods are positive.

How to increase potential after 50

After the age of 50, patients are interested in what herbal preparations to increase male potency in the long run. Now men must pay close attention to their health, as many of them have serious chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.

Your doctor will prescribe a safe and effective method, such as pumpkin seeds. They are eaten raw, because during frying and drying, the activity of valuable substances decreases several times, some of them evaporate, the expected therapeutic effect does not occur.

means to increase potential in adulthood

Making pumpkin medicine is as easy as peeling pearls, you need:

  • cut 5 teaspoons of pumpkin;
  • add 3 tablespoons of bee honey;
  • pour 15 drops of fresh aloe juice;
  • mix, leave for two days.

The resulting product is taken 6 times a day in a dose of 1 teaspoon. The duration of therapy is from 10 to 30 days, depending on the severity of the pathology.

As you can see, the treatment of sexual impotence with natural remedies is a very effective method to normalize the condition. However, it is possible to obtain positive dynamics only provided an integrated approach to therapy.

If impotence treatment is started at the beginning of a health problem, the chances of getting rid of it forever increase several times. Keep in mind that traditional methods may have contraindications and limitations, and even negatively affect the cardiovascular system.