In the face of premature ejaculation, and others in the allocation of people excited

of particular note in the people so excited

To prevent an unwanted pregnancy, people don't always use it. Some people prefer to the interruption of the sexual act. A sustained erection of the male member stands out front of seminal fluid from the grease. It is believed that it does contain sperm, therefore, this method of prevention doesn't give you 100% guarantee. However, the statement agrees that not all of the experts.

The Natural and the unusual secret that when the sex drive

The natural allocation of the oscillation signal of the health of men. By its smell, the color, the structure of a certain state of pregnancy, and function.

The emergence of a natural secret

The liquid released from the seeds in the channel at the time of the arousal, helps in the reproductive system of male cells from entering the egg. When a gamete penetrates the vagina, or on your way there's a lot of obstacles. Most of them can't get on to the location of the target, due to the high acidity of the female body.

The majority of the sperm count in such an environment, it will die, and it doesn't hit the egg. The secret is out of the penis, and reduces the acidity of the vagina: the gamete gets a chance to get to the point of destination.

The default is the secret to the transparent color, no fragrance, not all that uncommon. The bedrooms are of a medium thickness. In body fluids there is any kind of contamination.

The secret to this can be observed not only in sex, but when it is the morning erection. When intimate touching: the human body is the sexual contact.

The amount of water depends on the strength of the excitation, and the characteristics of the body. With out a strong libido, an ejaculation is made of a larger number.

The amount of discharge is five milligrams. It can sometimes occur in just a couple of drops of liquid, or completely absent. In addition, we should mention the sperm count. It is necessary to consider the following: lost in a sexual encounter that is not able to 100% prevent conception. Some of the gâmeta it can reach the egg. That's what the majority believes.

Natural selection, which come into play when intimacy is called upon to face. It is made up of gametes or mucus from the penis. It has the consistency of a thick off-white ring. Comes out of the penis, after a sexual discharge.

The indicators of the secretion of the normal

For each individual, the allocation of the net. Man, you should know that. When they are observed in changes in the quantity, structure, color, and scent of a secret, it is recommended that you consult with an expert. It often speaks to us about the development of a range of diseases.

However, the changes do not always indicate the cause of death. If a man is a long time since I had sex, the discharge that comes out in a large amount, you have to have consistency. "Visually, the secret is dirtier than usual. There are no impurities in the blood, the yellow in the shadows. The normal selection should be to have the following characteristics:

  • absolutely transparent, twist;
  • in the absence of the unpleasant taste;
  • in the middle of the pitch.

The state of the secret, it affects the existence of addiction (alcoholism, smoking, drug use). The Regular stress and acute emotional crisis is also affecting the health of men.

At times, it is the allocation of when sexual preparation, leading to calls for a settling. This is normal, but it should not occur very often.

The lack of hygiene in the intima, leads to the formation of a "flea market". This selection will manifest themselves in the folds of the skin on the head of the penis. It is a pathological state, inflammatory, infectious, and inflammatory processes.

During puberty, you experience pollution at night. This can happen due to erotic dreams, which has caused the excitement. It occurs in the erection and premature ejaculation avoided. This is a physiological norm.

The change of the secret, as a sign of pathological conditions

To change a secret, it may indicate a pathological process:

  • inflammatory processes in the urinary system, which came about as a result of being infected with pathogenic micro-organisms;
  • IST
  • of the tumor;
  • the problem is, after experiencing the impact of the operational
  • damage to the urinary system.

The secret to it can be made in a different amount (depending on the disease, and of its negligence or otherwise). In the discharge when the pathology observed in the blood is a fluid, the pus-filled. The density and the tone changes.

The months of the allocation is transparent, the color may indicate the presence of a pathogenic micro-organism. When a serious illness a secret, it receives the pus, the accumulation at the tip of the sexual organ, it sticks to the flesh of his foreskin.

When, instead of the normal secrecy that observed in the mucus, it is an indication of a high concentration of white blood cells in the body fluids. This indicates the presence of a sexually transmitted disease. I put it in the secretions indicates trichomoniasis. When gonorrhea ejaculation, it becomes a shade of green, and it smells bad.

Diseases of the urogenital system, more easy to cure in its early stages of formation. Thus, for a discharge from the penis needs to be constantly monitored. When the pathological changes, you should consult with a medical doctor.

The causes of pathological changes in

The reasons for the changes in the secretion of the penis in various ways. It is more likely that this indicates the risk of contracting diseases, sexually transmitted form (STI-sexually transmitted infections).

The pathology caused by the following bacteria:

  • inguinal granuloma;
  • the soft cancer.
  • the defeat of the test;
  • life treatment;
  • the bacterial infection;
  • mycoplasmosis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • ureaplasmosis.

Viral failure:

  • the human immunodeficiency virus;
  • the herpes;
  • papillomatosis;
  • the molluscum contagiosum.

The disease is caused by the penetration of the parasite:

  • to a boil.

This pathological state can be caused by the fungus Candida. The disease is called thrush.

The prostate gland is involved in the synthesis of the seminal fluid. It's the secret, that is, the sperm loses its functionality. When the prostatitis, your volume will increase.

In the case of violations, the prostate gland at the time of the sexual arousal of the sexual organ comes out of the large number of tasks. This is the secret of the prostate gland, similar to the one in front of the ejaculation.

A large amount of vaginal discharge can indicate the disease status:

  • the inflammation;
  • an allergic reaction;
  • forum;
  • the physical and chemical properties of its damage.

The mucus is transparent, it manifests itself after the detection. This is a defensive reaction to the caused microdamages the surface of the coating on the inside. Transparent, secret, when to buy a pregnancy function.

Only an expert is able to define the pathogenesis of the disease state. He puts up with a diagnosis, on the basis not only of a visual inspection of the key, but also the composition of the poisons. For this reason, they are assigned to a variety of analytical methods.

In the face of premature ejaculation

In the face of an ejaculation (in front of the seminal fluid, on that of the seed — the secret, which form when in intimate contact, and self-satisfaction, the hole in the shaft of your penis. It should be a sticky, transparent color, if your state of health is normal. For such allocation, it is said that the function of the reproductive everything is in order.

Education, in the face of a seed

The secret is summed up by:

  • on the seed by the glands located at the base of the member;
  • in the field, which is located between the bladder and the urinary canal.

This is normal on the early allocation of a they are produced in a quantity of 3-10 mg. the Amount depends on the age of the man: that he or she is older than she is, the less is the secret. In the face of the seminal fluid, is an excellent guide to a wide variety of infections.

In the majority of cases, the man does not know the secret. But, at times, in the face of a seed, it can leave marks on your clothes. When, in the face of the seminal fluid can take place outside of the sexual relationship, and he talks about the disorders in the prostate gland. You should consult with a urologist.

The assignment before the cumshot

In the face of the pe that performs the following functions:

  • it creates a favorable environment for the sperm;
  • it deletes all the leftovers of the semen and the urine;
  • it reduces the acidity;
  • to promote the success of the design.

Laboratory tests on a seed, may be able to diagnose a range of diseases.

Before the seed, and the conception of the

In the face of the seminal fluid has the form of the sperm — and so take on many of the personal and professional.

Because of this, it is believed that the interruption of sexual contact is not a reliable means of birth control.

The sperm

The semen is composed of seminal fluid and sperm cells. The cookies, along with testosterone, are synthesized in the testes. The second is the substance that is the secret of the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. That is, the sperm takes to fertilize an egg.

In the testis, and in the presence of the seeds in the breast are connected to one another. If that's the secret, penetrates into the seminal fluid, and the change to the environment in sufficient quantities, it is not produced.

A physician deceptive

Of the opinion that, in the face of a grain is roasted, has come about due to the frequent instances of cross-fertilization even after you have stopped having sexual contact. This is shown in the medical literature, and the sciences. Even the teachers at the institutions of higher education, register with the information to the students.

However, experts believe that this statement is a fallacy. In Israel, he was placed on an experiment to confirm or refute the view that, in light of the progress the game is gâmeta.


In the experiment, attended by twenty men of various ages. Part of them have been completely healthy, while others will have problems with the urinary system.

Each and every one of them was the collected biological material was studied under the medical equipment. Or a sperm sample could not be found. It has been proven that, in the opinion of the content of cookies in front of the seminal fluid, is an illusion. In this experiment, it was the single, most studies have not been carried out.

Cut off the sexual contact

To interrupt the close contact between the outlet of the penis from the vagina prior to the onset of early. The sexual organ stands alone in the face of the seminal fluid. In him, as it proved, the experience that the sperm count does not exist, and that, therefore, she could not get pregnant. However, the cross-fertilization of the oocytes during the interruption of the sexual act, that occurs way too often.

This method of protection is not effective due to the following reasons:

  • it's too late to exit from the penis a lot of times this happens when the ejaculation);
  • the rest of the sperm in the tract, urinary tract, after the last time you had sex (by the way they penetrate into the woman's body along with the face of the seminal fluid);
  • strong-field excitation, in which a man is unable to control the ejaculation.

The most common case of cross-fertilization is the subsequent withdrawal of the penis from the vagina. The man may not even realize that the ejaculation has started.

In the face of the seed creates a favorable environment for the sperm count for fertilization of an ovum. It becomes the cause of pregnancy, it may not. However, it is not worth the use of the service is interrupted, and the act of sex as a means of birth control. Its efficiency is very low.