We have shared secrets to satisfy your partner, and practices, which help to stimulate the G-spot

the point of the fun

Most of you know where it is located, the area and the pleasures of women, and how she's acting. However, since it is one of the male physiology, women, and even men, who are lost... to Find your G-spot the male is easier than you might think.

The point G where a is the

It seems that you find that it is next to impossible, but that is not the case. In his book HE has. An intimate conversation about the body, he says: "the Watches of the G-spot is located around the prostate gland. The prostate gland lies between the testicles and the anus". The doctor acknowledges that, "some of them is an orgasm from the stimulation of the prostate gland. The fact is that using it has many nerve fibers that stimulate the flow of blood to the sexual organ. This is a sensitive area that responds quickly to the touch, and causing an erection) in men.

How to stimulate the point G

Sexologist advises that "it is possible, that is, the space between the anus and the testicles compress massage". To give to the partner pleasure, the massage is to use a lubricant — it will strengthen the bracket, and, in addition, it will give a pleasant warmth to the hand and the partners involved. All entries must be clean, crisp, and compression, and a mild and gradual — move your fingers in the direction from the anus to the scrotum, and behind it, in addition to that, with a little touch of the spur to the area in a circular motion. The higher end, you might be able to, if you insert two fingers into the asshole of a partner, and grope in the prostate gland, it is in the front wall of the rectum, about 4 to 5 inches from the entrance. The truth is, there's a good chance that they don't agree with that kind of experience, "in Our culture is that the man is rarely if ever talks to a woman with a proposal to do a rimming. They are afraid that "to be accused of being" gay". If you and your partner still disagree with a massage, before an introduction be sure that your nail length, so as not to hurt the man, with a finger, generously lubricated the lubricant is completely harmless to the body. Similar movements to stimulate the prostate gland. Some of the girls are advised to combine the massage with a hands and oral, to a man, I feel much more comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

That is useful for the stimulation of the point G

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"After 35 years of age, in some men, the prostate enlarges. It's swelling, there is increased pressure on the bladder from both sides. You will receive an issue in the urine. So, you don't need to compromise because of problems with the prostate gland, it is a very affects sexual function. The men, who have a little to an enlarged prostate, suffer from a lack of sex drive, problems with erection and ejaculation, and are paid less for the pleasure of your sex life," says a sex therapist. The prostate massage helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer, which will lead to the removal of the prostate gland. It is best to avoid it, so as not to cause damage to the nerve fibers, which, as noted above, this area is abundant. This was the case, that the removal of the tumor has led to the disruption or complete loss of erection. For the prostate, it is useful to have blueberries, and regularly have sex or masturbate each other."

As you can see, the G-spot-the male is not a myth. Prostate massage is not only useful to satisfy your partner, but also to maintain good health. It is important that the survey on the sex of the system, in order to detect violations and to eliminate them, even though the deal did not come to the aid of the surgeon.