How to increase potency in men

Each individual aspect of life is perfect sexual activity and, for this reason a lot of people want to know how to increase the power in the house, and to do so quickly and efficiently, unlike the media.


A power directs the saline solution to the health care of men and women, to their mental stability, stress and many other factors in life. As the only function, it begins to weaken, the man is led on to depression, bad luck and the uncertainty of a man. This affects the power output. To come down on this issue, can suddenly, at any age, depending on a number of grounds, such as:

  • the regular stress, nerve disorders, fears, over-voltage;
  • the long abstinence;
  • the purchase of prescription drugs;
  • sedentary work and, therefore, the stagnation of blood in the pelvis;
  • mental health disorders, using the names of the multiple sclerosis (ms), Parkinson's disease and epilepsy;
  • the presence of the evil ones.
  • age – after the age of 40 in the male body produces less testosterone, resulting in weakening the power
  • the excess weight of every one:
  • sleep disorders;
  • with the increased workload.

How can I improve the power in the house

Not all of the representatives of the stronger sex, if they venture on the terrace to see a doctor for solving the problems that are intimate. Fortunately, though, solving the problems of sexual character can be, and in the home.

The majority of men want to increase the power in the house, and make use of the help of drugs that cause an erection, but it is completely wrong. The problem is not resolved with the intake of the pills is a special-purpose, and smoothed with a temporary effect.

These drugs are damaging to the body physically, but also act on the subconscious mind of man in the following way: in the future, in its own right, the act of sexual intercourse is unlikely to be successful if you don't take the pill, and this is on a subconscious level, males were the fear of which with no special drugs, they will not be able to satisfy his partner, so the issue is not dealt with, the rule.

Painful the treatment, the intake of expensive drugs to improve the potency of is now not required. In the majority of cases, the problem is completely taken over by some other means easily accessible to all people.

The power inputs to increase the potency of men

For those who don't is a mystery, that is, the rational, the right nutrition is essential for the normal functioning of the prostate gland and, consequently, on the health of men in general.


To increase the power of the men in the house, then you must add in your diet the following foods:

  • All of the groups, the vitamins also play an important role in the overcoming of an illness, vitamin a, And in response to the reproductive function of vitamin D is a necessary party to the process of maturation of sperm count, vitamin-c, provides for the supply of blood to all the organs in the body).
  • The mandatory inclusion in the diet of fish and seafood. These products contain all the key components of building construction that are involved in a harmonious working of the cells of the breast, that is, the selenium and the zinc. As a result of the components that stabilize the synthesis of testosterone. For this reason, it is especially important to eat oily fish types, and to make sure that the marine life.
  • All kinds of nuts, and, separately from this, the conversation goes for the almond, walnut and pistachio has been awarded, it is useful to use due to a component of the arginine, which is a great affect to the power. The inclusion of this amino acid in the diet helps to improve the blood flow in the body and its organs, respectively, and a higher power.
  • The green doctor – the salsa is just as useful for men, because it restores the hormone balance in the body and helps to produce the male sex hormone testosterone. It blocks the process for the synthesis of female hormones, which is very important for the improvement of the output power. The use of parsley is to prevent the occurrence of reports of prostatitis.
  • Also, some of the wizards in the face of men's health is the favorite and the garlic and the onion. These products contain a lot of selenium, so much so that they have the phytoncide, which in turn helps in the active work of the thesis.
  • Dark Chocolate, with not less than 65 percent shall be used for the men to improve your mood. And with the right attitude is positive, it generates a strong reaction to the male body at the cellular level.
  • The use of honey is also to increase the power output. And, in addition to walnuts, it happens to the most valuable asset of the mixture for the power supply of the prostate gland.

Physical exercises to increase the power of the house

There are certain kinds of exercises that involve all your pc-coccygeal muscle. It is this muscle, the physical also plays a role in the onset of the erection and, as a result, the poor development of the muscles leads to a decrease in the sexual function and the weakness of the erection.

There are a number of exercises, with which you get a stunning result.

  1. Hold on to the rock. In the year it is, you are in a standing position, hands on his hips, his knees a little bit bent, need to stretch their legs and try to compress and decompress the buttocks. But the right of the foot even unto the end, that's not possible, because the view between your legs, you must be a rock that you can't let go of.
  2. The ties of the steps. The position of the feet, the hands at the bottom, you will have to lift each leg to a maximum, so that the knees touch the stomach.
  3. Times. All well-known in the school, and the year the position is to lie on your back, you need to double taz, that is true for the elbows and the knees.
  4. The path of the horse. In the position of lying on your back, arms along the body, the movements of the swing with the legs, which is a bike ride. Try out a walk, and then breaking, on the contrary, by increasing the speed.
  5. The rotation of the pelvis. Standing in the position of the legs at shoulder-width apart, rotate the pelvis around its own axis.

To improve the overall well-being, and improving it can enhance the immunity to a man who is useful to going to, steam, an outdoor swimming pool and a massage service. There are many ways to quick increase in power output. For example, prior to the meeting, you can take a hot relaxing bath for 40-50 minutes.

To increase male potency and psychological support


Experts in the area of men's issues as proof that, in large part, on the sexual function of the reduced influence of mental health disorders, using a name that implies that it is a disease as impotence psychogenic type. It can be any of the factors such as: problems at work, tired of his own thoughts, and the experiences that you accumulate in your head and put it on top of your health.

It is very important to talk to you about your problems, it doesn't let you experience it for ourselves. For the woman who loves you, you won't be in the side, and you will always be able to find ways to support her man. Fortunately, a lot of times, the problem is solved just after you talk about it with their partner. Even though men and believe that, as a last turn to talk about their problems, it must be a woman, it is confusion, which leads to a greater accumulation of the efforts and the formation of trust between them and their loved ones. Therefore, to increase the power of pets in the home, it may be clear in the discussion of the problems in the relationship.

Home remedies to improve the potency of the

In addition to a wide variety of exercises and a diet properly, then there are home remedies that will increase the power in the house, which we will describe in the following. These include a variety of cocktails, liquors, teas, and t. d.

A cocktail in a single of the a positive effect on what is noticed is that many people, it's a sour cream + beer). Such a calories in the drink, it promotes the influx of strength and courage, sometimes, to this cocktail, as compared with the action of the strongest medicines.

Please note: must be taken in the sense of the measure, because the results can only be obtained through a streamlining of the application, or, in the case of over-consumption, you you you you you can get a obesity and a myriad of other events that are negative. Also, after the intake of 2-3 liters of this drink, you may get a dysfunction of the prostate gland.

Beer for a party, just need to buy it fresh, for the period of filling no more than two weeks), and of high quality. The cream of the milk, just use fat to drip off. The system of preparing the drink, to each and every one of us needs to in its place.

If you need to have in addition to the beer, with the sour cream and the other with alcohol, and then the power will be subject to an additional injury, which has a negative impact on sexual function.

A medicinal plant of the peppermint, has a direct action upon the quality of your sexual function. However, in the grass, in addition to this, it has a very soothing effect, which can inhibit the excitement. But menthol also helps to get rid of sexual weakness, and if you use it properly and within a certain period of time.

Remember, if you metnolnovye chewing gum, tobacco, tea, and other foods that do not contain in its composition of natural menthol, so they will not have any effect on the power output, but they do have a detrimental effect on the other organs of the system.


Dyes-to improve the power

Dyes are considered to be a popular tool to increase the power and improve the functioning of male genital. The customization can be made at home, and their use requires SIStEMAteCHNnocomte, and a regular schedule to get the results.

On the basis of any tincture is alcohol or vodka, in addition to the components (herbs, berries, and fruit). The output power of the dyes to serve as with the addition of ginger root, ginseng, stinging nettle, and bramble. The advantage of the dyes, at low cost, and ease of cooking.

The disadvantages of the application of the dye, it may lead to a cure for the result of the dyeing, it is therefore a secondary and you do not have such a significant effect, as a drug of abuse. Also, for the reception of the dye, which excludes the driving of the car. The use of alcohol, which is at the base of the dye, while driving, the steering wheel is not permitted by law.

The following are some of the recipes from the dye to the enhancing the power in the house:

  1. Nettle tincture: the Seeds of nettles, add the wine, boil and PRnovaretü a mixture of no more than 5 minutes. After that, you need to insist on the mixture for a half hour to drink 50 ml of tincture before going to sleep.
  2. Ginseng tincture: in the ready tincture of ginseng sold in a pharmacy because you get to the root of the ginseng into the easy sell. Take it in the morning and at lunch time, so 30 drops.
  3. A tincture of the herb st. john, to insist 2 comt. l. the grass for about an hour or so. Drink it during the day with a glass of 200g. vol.eVAEtcomEu 3 times.
  4. A liquor of a brown horse; milling of cereals, dried 50 g, use a 50% rubbing alcohol. NocomteeVAEtcomEu within two (2) weeks, taking 30 drops, three times a day.
  5. Color kalGana: insist on it for about 3 weeks and the infusion of 30 g of root into 500ml of vodka. Take 30 drops out of the water.

Herbal teas to boost the power and the advantages and disadvantages of

All of the teas they have in one degree or another, and transport properties, which are beneficial for the power output. The extract of green tea contain zinc, which stimulates the synthesis of the male sex hormone. The tea is beneficial to one's overall health, strengthen the nervous system and the immune system, removes toxins, leading to the vessel, in vitality, by contributing to the strengthening of the heart. All of this, it is important for the health of the prostate gland and the proper diet.

You should be allowed to drink tea, it's freshly prepared, or, if not, the drink, is made up of a bunch of purine and caffeine, which has a negative impact on the body. Purina is contributing to a buildup in the body and urea. In addition to the strength, of the tea, it was the worst sleep that leads to irritability, and disturbances of the sexual function. No brewing of tea in a container made of metal or plastic.

Be careful when buying herbal teas to the performance of the manufacturer in china. Check the composition of these teas, and the possibility of the occurrence of the reported side effects from its use.

We offer a variety of recipes, from easy parts to improve the power output:

  1. Ivan-tea PRegnotAVleVAEtcomEu by infusing the dried leaves of plants in the paraenEutke for about 5 minutes. Accepts up to 2 or 3 times a day.
  2. The tea is used to prevent diseases of the prostate gland. It is prepared in the following way: the herbal collection dusheTsy, st. john's wort, the root of elecampane, and black tea and rose hip oil is one quart of boiling water, and necomteeVAEtcomEu in a small over low heat for about 20 minutes.
  3. A tea of ginger root. Bits and pieces of the ginger, 1 tablespoon of tea, pour in the boiling water for about 10 minutes.

It should be kept in mind that, in spite of the slight effect of medicinal, herbal teas, soups and herbal teas, many of them may contain substances that do not move, the body of a man. Therefore, the use of herbal medicines becomes bad, or there is an outbreak, the receipt should be cancelled.

On the basis of the fight against erectile dysfunction in men are the following:

the well-being of

  • the regular sexual life;
  • a good and healthy rhythm of life.
  • with the proper nutrition;and
  • the sports activities;
  • with the right treatment, and prevention of disease.
  • an exemption from the bad ones.
  • the fight with the other kids, if they are available.

Look at how you can increase the power of popular media for pets at home. All that remains now is to just apply these methods. And don't forget to pass our test to the power, maybe it's not as bad as you might think.